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Our Services

Impact Evaluations

We assess the changes that can be attributed to a particular project, program or any kind of intervention

Baseline Surveys

Done to act as a benchmark of measuring the project's success or failure, These are done at the beginning of a project.

Enviromental Impact Assessments

The assessment of the enviroment consequences of a plan, policy, program or actual project prior the the decision to move forward with the proposd action

GIS Services

Geograpic Information Systems are designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present spatial or geographic data.

Project Proposals

We help our clients write detailed and fundable project proposals aimed at solving a certain community problem

Tablets & GPS Hire

We also Hire Tablets and GPS Devices to clients who have surveys and also help with the programming of survey tools in ODK

We are General Contractors

Help our clients by providing all the materials, labor, equipment and services necessary for the construction of a project


This includes Capacity Building of Staff for clients and Communities; Monitoring and Evaluation, Advocacy and Community Development

Information Systems Development

We Implement, Train and Build for clients Information Management Systems

We have 9 Years

Of Experience